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Pre-production is the series of processes of preparation and research. It is the most important stage since the goals are defined at this level and the different tasks are distributed among the different players.
A detailed examination of the client is carried out so as to get to know his expectations, as well as a study of the market, the public, the competence, and the restraints’ handling are prepared.

Global advertising strategies and basic values are set.
The results of this analysis are presented for approval.


During production, different design elements are created. First, it begins with preliminary sketches and drafts, before their final design in the computer.
During this stage, the chromatic scale and the fonts are chosen, and the imagery (illustrations, photography), the design and writing are created.
When the design is complete, it will be adapted to the different media (display boards, edition, web, packaging).


During Post-Production, the design undergoes a series of tests and controls, so as to adjust the last details and correct any problems that may arise before broadcasting it in the different medias and chosen resources.
Kaboum provides coaching services and follow-up (education/advice in the field of communication), assuring a better use of the available instruments.